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Curt Pasfield

Director of Technology

Curt brings a diverse technology development background to J Michael Consulting. With over 20 years of experience in such disciplines as cloud architecture, mobile application development, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Curt brings a wide range of technology to the arena of public health.

Curt began his career in the biotechnology field, working as a research scientist developing clinical testing procedures for genetic abnormalities. From there he developed a passion for software development and studied the fundamentals of programming. During the dot-com boom of the late 90’s Curt worked for a boutique consulting firm specializing in helping technology entrepreneurs execute on their business plans. Curt then worked for a number of companies ranging from large telecommunications companies to startups, helping those companies implement cutting-edge technologies to meet their customers’ needs.

Most recently Curt worked for a large global PC manufacturer, leading a team focused on using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help solve practical customer and user problems with their computers.

Curt holds a degree in Biology from James Madison University with concentrations in molecular physiology and biotechnology, and a minor in biochemistry.
Curt Pasfield
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