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Raymond D. Lewis


Practice Area(s)

Project Management Consultant

Project Management

Raymond is an experienced healthcare professional with over 15 years of overall healthcare experience in operations, practice management, project management, and hands-on patient care as a licensed Emt-I/Paramedic.
Ray served his Dekalb County community as a Firefighter 2/Emt-I Paramedic for six years, where he received countless certifications and a Cardiac Life Save award, which he cherishes to this day.
Ray obtained his Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration (with a concentration in Human Resource Management) from the University of Phoenix, Arizona. He continued his educational journey at the University of Miami, where he received his Master of Science in Health Informatics and graduated as one of the top students within his class.
Ray has a remarkably diverse and proven background of success in various roles as a Product Owner, Healthcare Analyst (Intern), Assistant Director of Operations, and Disease Investigator. Ray has experience with organizations such as the Florida Department of Health (PFS), Concentra Medical Centers (Allscripts), and Fulton and Dekalb County Governments. He has led both front-end development and end-user implementation campaigns for the State of Florida Pharmaceutical Forms System, Cerner, and Allscripts electronic medical record systems.

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