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JMC Volunteers 2022: Free Fridge 99!

On Tuesday, September 20th 2023, JMC volunteers gathered at the Decatur Free Fridge to provide food and pantry staples to those facing food insecurity. Other volunteers in Chicago and Denver area stocked their local Free Fridges.

JMC has always valued service to our community and this quarter, the Project Management Practice Area has chose to work with Free99Fridge.

Free99Fridge is a national organization committed to fighting for food justice & addressing the needs of neighbors through mutual aid. The Atlanta outpost is particularly active. They provide high quality produce and non-perishable food at no cost to anyone who wants or needs it via the community fridge network. Their community fridges are stocked and maintained by volunteers, growers, and local businesses who see value in supporting their community.

The Free99Fridge coordinator shared with me, "The fridges are open 24/7/365 for the community and they always need help. Anytime y'all wanna stop by to share food, organize and clean a fridge/freezer/pantry, or pickup trash in the surrounding area would be greatly appreciated. There's no need to coordinate. Stop by anytime!"

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