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  The Laboratory Informatics Practice Area (LIPA) has enabled clients to successfully evaluate, select, and implement laboratory informatics systems including Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), instrument interfaces, specialized software for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) and Electronic Test Orders and Reports (ETOR). In addition, laboratory business tools such as document control, quality control systems, environmental monitoring and staff training tools are all part of a larger laboratory ecosystem with which the JMC Laboratory Informatics Practice Area can assist. 


We are an experienced group of fun investigators and researchers. The Lab Informatics practice area team is comprised of doers and thinkers with practical, hands-on experience in quality standards application, data integration in public health and clinical settings. This diversity of experience results in a vibrant set of accomplished practitioners, striving for excellence. We enable laboratories to collaborate, differentiate, and excel!

The Laboratory Informatics Practice Area team members act as an extension of the laboratory staff, at all levels. Being 100% remote takes geography out of the equation and gives JMC the ability to hire the best team. Being distributed across the country means that it is likely we have a JMCer within driving location to your lab if need be.

What we do:
Laboratory Informatics


  • Informatics system evaluation, selection, purchasing and testing

  • LIMS customization & curation

  • Hands-on training with staff

  • Assist with compliance validation and documentation

Use Cases:

We utilize our extensive content knowledge in the science and practice of laboratory testing across the spectrum of disciplines and settings to systematically determine informatics needs, evaluate existing software options, formulate system requirements, and manage the implementation.

Bridging the Informatics Gap

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