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JMC Volunteers at Trees Atlanta

Trees Atlanta is a nationally recognized non-profit citizens’ group that protects and improves Atlanta’s urban forest by planting, conserving, and educating. Founded in 1985, Trees Atlanta works tirelessly to address Atlanta’s tree loss, protect its forests, and create new green space. Empowered by its wonderful community of volunteers, Trees Atlanta serves the metro Atlanta area, and has grown to become one of Atlanta’s most widely known and supported non-profit organizations. Through their planting programs, Trees Atlanta helps stem the tide of tree loss and expands the canopy of metro Atlanta. Since 1985, Trees Atlanta has planted more than 113,000 shade trees across the city.

Through generous support, Trees Atlanta has been able to:

  • Plant and distribute more than 126,000 trees across Atlanta. Trees clean the air and water, provide habitat for wildlife, beautify and connect our communities, and help keep us cool.

  • Care for and maintain more than 150,000 trees.

  • Remove hundreds of acres of kudzu through innovative methods.

  • Recruit thousands of volunteers – more than 35,000 volunteer hours last year!

  • Educate thousands of children and adults annually on the importance of urban trees and how to properly plant and care for them.

JMC was proud to get our hands dirty planting trees with this wonderful non-profit agency. It was a satisfying day of hard work, but the payoffs will last beyond any of our lifetimes.

If you are interested in volunteering with Trees Atlanta, check out their website:

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