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J Michael Consulting Launches Live Seller Presence on AWS Marketplace for Public Health Informatics

JMC Staff

Apr 26, 2023

AWS Marketplace for Public Health Informatics

We are thrilled to announce that J Michael Consulting has become a live seller on the prestigious AWS Marketplace, offering cutting-edge solutions in the field of public health informatics. This development marks a significant milestone for our company and reinforces our commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions to improve public health outcomes.


As a leading provider of informatics services and solutions, J Michael Consulting leverages advanced technologies to help healthcare organizations harness the power of data and analytics. Our expertise in public health informatics enables us to assist governments, healthcare providers, and research institutions in leveraging data-driven insights to enhance disease surveillance, outbreak management, and overall population health.


By joining AWS Marketplace as a live seller, J Michael Consulting can now reach a broader audience and offer our comprehensive suite of services to a wider range of customers. The AWS Marketplace serves as a trusted platform where organizations can discover, procure, and deploy software and services to address their specific needs, making it an ideal avenue for us to showcase our expertise.


Through the AWS Marketplace, customers will gain access to J Michael Consulting's flagship products and solutions tailored specifically for public health informatics. These offerings include advanced data integration and analysis tools, scalable cloud infrastructure, secure data storage solutions, and customizable analytics dashboards. Our goal is to empower organizations to extract actionable insights from their health data, ultimately improving decision-making processes and enabling more proactive public health initiatives.


As a live seller, J Michael Consulting will provide customers with a seamless experience on the AWS Marketplace. We are committed to delivering exceptional support, ensuring that our clients have the necessary resources and guidance to implement our solutions effectively. Our team of experienced professionals will be readily available to address customer inquiries, provide technical assistance, and offer strategic recommendations for optimizing public health informatics workflows.


We are excited about the opportunities that being a live seller on the AWS Marketplace presents. This strategic move not only expands our market reach but also aligns perfectly with our mission to drive advancements in public health informatics. Through our collaboration with AWS, we are confident that we can make a significant impact on healthcare organizations worldwide, helping them leverage technology to enhance public health outcomes and save lives.


Visit J Michael Consulting's page on the AWS Marketplace today to explore our innovative solutions in public health informatics. Together, we can pave the way for a healthier and more resilient future.


About J Michael Consulting:

J Michael Consulting is a leading provider of informatics services and solutions, specializing in public health informatics. With a strong focus on data analytics and advanced technology, we assist healthcare organizations in harnessing the power of data to improve population health outcomes. View our  comprehensive suite of here:

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