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Making a Solution for Managing Lab Assets Available to Everyone


Oct 23, 2018

Solutions for Managing Lab Assets

In 2013 JMC’s own Dr. Bonny Lewis Van was the lab director at Marion County Public Health Department in Indianapolis, IN. She made the decision to add asset management software to the informatics tools the lab used. Now five years later that Smart Hub Labs has been born, a tool that has been further refined and adapted for laboratory use. J Michael Consulting is proud to announce a partnership with the software provider Gauge Telematics to make this tool available to all labs so that they can also benefit from better management of physical assets.

As part of an overall Lean improvement plan in the lab, the adoption of Gauge Smart Hub allowed the Marion County PHL to reduce time and effort spent on asset management. In most cases we were able to respond to asset information requests in less than 1 day, with the process of reporting requiring less than 10 minutes in most cases. This freed lab staff to turn to other improvement projects, including adoption of a stock room management tool, document control system, and supplies request system. Ultimately CQI efforts led to the conversion of 1 FTE administrative support person in to a FTE LIMS Lead, and conversion of 1 Clinical Technician position in to a Lab Support Specialist.

As of today, August 2018, Marion County Public Health Lab has been using Gauge Smart Hub, now known as Smart Hub Labs, for five (5) years and it is an integral part of the laboratory operations.

JMC is now supporting an even better version of Smart Hub Labs for public health and other types of labs that want to improve their management of assets.

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