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Catherine Dominguez


Practice Area(s)

Bioinformatics Consultant

Laboratory Team

Catey has worked in public health for the past 5 years, with experience at the bench and as a bioinformatician. She began her career in public health at the Maryland Department of Health, which serves as CDC’s Antibiotic Resistance Lab Network mid-Atlantic regional lab. In this role, she investigated infectious disease transmission through next generation sequencing. While in this role, she expanded the computing capabilities of the sequencing core by implementing Linux OS (VM and server) and honed her communication skills, becoming the point person for translating technical jargon between IT, lab, and epidemiologist groups.

Catey received her BS in Biochemistry from Ohio University and her PhD in Molecular Biology from The Ohio State University. She is passionate about public health labs having access to the testing and bioinformatic tools they need. Catey joined JMC in November 2021 as a bioinformatics consultant, where she uses her knowledge of bioinformatics and LIMS systems to support her goal of assisting public health labs meet their analysis goals.

Project Management Team

Data Science Team

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