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John Park


Practice Area(s)

Sr. Technical Consultant

Technology Team

John brings over 20 years of technical consulting, development, and systems integration experience (12 years in the public health arena). He has designed, developed, and implemented multiple public health messaging and surveillance applications.
John began work in public health as a Java developer on the NEDSS Base System and deployed the NBS at pilot states; connecting jurisdictions with the CDC via PHINMS. He then shifted to the NEDSS messaging team supporting various surveillance and lab reporting applications.
As the lead performance engineer, John partnered with Orion Health on the CDC BioSense project to increase message processing capacity from 40,000 HL7 messages per hour to over 1.2 million per hour via a distributed, redundant application without upgrading the platform that consisted of a sql server, application servers, and the Rhapsody Integration Engine.
After spending four years as a senior developer with a software firm, John returned to public health with JMC in 2015. In his current role as Technical Architect, John provides high level technical architecture guidance, as well as re-usable development tools to jurisdictions as part of the CDC’s Technical Assistance program for the NEDSS Modernization Initiative.
John has breadth and depth of experience, which encompasses application development (Java, Flex), performance engineering and business continuity for enterprise level applications (SQL Server, Oracle Weblogic, Rhapsody Integration Engine), and the consulting background to effectively communicate, plan, and implement robust solutions for any business need.
John holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Emory University and worked as a consultant in a variety of industries (banking, retail, transportation, and hospitality) for IBM and CSC Consulting before entering the public health arena in 2001.

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