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Samantha Spoto


Practice Area(s)

Data Exchange Consultant

Epidemiology Team

Sam Spoto is an Epidemiologist and Public Health Informatician with over eight years of experience in notifiable disease case investigations and health surveillance. She obtained a Master of Science degree in Public Health from the University of South Florida, with a concentration in Environmental Health. Prior to joining JMC, Sam worked in various levels at state and local health departments in acute disease case investigation and syndromic surveillance. She’s well versed in reportable and notifiable disease surveillance activities – case investigation, case classification, and case management. She has experience in gathering data from direct interviews, provider communications, and targeted health records queries. Syndromic surveillance is a particular strong suit as she has worked with building queries for disease surveillance as well as data quality validation of HL7 feeds during onboarding and maintenance. Sam brings a variety of experience in public health data collection, validation, and analysis to her role at JMC.

Terminology Team

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