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Tina Hardin

MLT(acsp), HL7 Control Specialist

Practice Area(s)

Sr. Data Exchange Consultant

Laboratory Team

Tina has worked in a variety of laboratory environments including hospital, public health and independent laboratories as a bench scientist and an informatician. She holds a degree in Medical Technology and certificates in HL7 Control and HL7 FHIR. She completed the ONC HITECH certification program on health IT standards, implementation specifications and certification criteria.

As clinical analyst, Tina has provided HIT support to EHR vendors, hospital systems, public health laboratories and agencies, and Federal Agencies. She worked with a major US EHR vendor to develop its public health ELR and Syndromic Surveillance Meaningful Use (MU) solutions. She also worked with the Veterans Administration on a large scale standardization project for their VISTA system. Over time, her interests transitioned from clinical interface analytics to HL7 and vocabulary standards (e.g., LOINC, SNOMED, and PHINVADS). She began to advise other interface analysts in HL7 message content and construction, and is now working as a terminologist and HL7 analyst.

Terminology Team

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