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Asset Management
Video Transcript


LRN AMD Asset Management Video Transcript:

The LIMS Lite platform offers users materials and inventory management capabilities through the Lab Assets and Workflow Configuration features.

The Lab Asset module helps users to record and track reagents, reagent mixes, barcoding kits, and lot numbers used throughout their workflows.

These components are configured to build master mixes and instructions. This video will highlight the two features of LIMS Lite that are used to build and review these components.

Starting from the LIMS Lite Launchpad, you may navigate to the Lab Assets tab on the left side panel.

Under this tab are displayed Instruments and Component Inventory.

The Instruments screen displays all instruments that have been entered into LIMS Lite as the user proceeds through the workflow.

Instruments are organized by workflow and run number. 

Component Inventory
Under Component Inventory, components are further organized into three tabs: pools and reagents, kits, and barcode kits.

Individual components are listed, along with a description, and all entered lot numbers.
To edit a component, click the ‘View/Edit’ button.

The most common edit you will make is to add a new lot number, which can be done by clicking the “Add New Lot Number” button, entering in the new lot number, and selecting the expiration date.

The newly entered lot number is now displayed and retained to be selected for future workflow runs.

You may also wish to deactivate a component that is no longer un use in the workflow, by unchecking the “Active” box.  

Add New Reagent
To add a new reagent to the workflow, click on ‘Add Reagent’.

Enter in the reagent name and description. 

Click on ‘Add New Lot Number’ and enter in the reagent lot number and select the expiration date. 

Add Commercial Kit
To add components of a commercial kit to LIMS Lit, click on ‘Add Commercial Kit’. 
Enter in the component name and description.

Click on ‘Add New Lot Number’ button and enter in the kit lot number and expiration date. *Note: All kit components will be assigned the same lot number and expiration date*


Click ‘Manage Components’ to add kit components to the commercial kit.


Click ‘Add New Reagent’ and enter in name and description of the kit reagents. 

Once all reagents have been entered, click ‘Accept’.

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