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Quality Control Checks
Video Transcript


SC2 AMD Quality Control Check Transcript:

In this video we will review:
•    Viewing Quality Control checks included in the workflow
•    Editing Quality Control Checks.

The Quality Control checks (QCs) that have been entered for your workflow can be viewed, edited and enabled/disabled under the Quality Control tab of the navigation panel.

On this page you can see the workflow name listed and the number of QCs that have been entered for the workflow.

You can also see how many of the entered QCs are enabled and therefore active when you proceed through the steps of workflow, and how many are disabled.

Click ‘Edit’ to view a list of all entered QCs.

Here you will see all QCs entered for the AMD LRN Workflow listed with corresponding Step Name, QC Name, QC Category, QC Failure Action and a checkbox indicating whether the QC is enabled.

To view an individual QC click on the QC Name.

A pop-up displays the details of the QC Check. For the Gridding NTC Control Count check, this indicates: 

That the minimum NTC Count to be entered during the Grid Samples step is 1 NTC,

That failure to enter 1 NTC during this will result in the run progress being restricted,

And that the QC is enabled.

To make edits to this individual QC check, click its ‘Edit’ button.

Here you can see that the user may edit two details:

The minimum NTC Count and whether the QC is enabled.

To increase the minimum NTC Count for the Grid Samples step, replace the ‘1’ with a higher number.

If instead, you would like to disable this QC Check, click the orange box next to ‘QC Enabled’.

Click ‘Save’ to save any changes. 

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