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Sample Management
Video Transcript


SC2 AMD Sample Management Video Transcript:

In this video we will review: 
•    LIMS Lite Sample Management
•    Downloading a sample metadata template
•    Uploading sample metadata 
•    The sample upload receipt

LIMS Lite Provides a complete Sample Management solution for lab users to accession samples. 

To import sample data, navigate to the top of the screen and click on ‘Sample Management’.

A folder containing a template for uploading sample data, as well as a corresponding ReadMe file can be downloaded.

Click the arrow in the Download Template field, select the SARS-CoV-2 Sample Record template and click ‘Download’. 

*Note: Do not select Simple Sample Record, as for the COVIDSeq workflow, this template will not successfully generate data that can be shared in the Partner Collaboration Engine.

To upload sample data, click on the arrow by the Upload File field to see a list of templates to upload. 

Select the SARS CoV-2 Sample Record Template.

Click ‘Choose File’, select the completed .csv file through the file explorer and click “Upload”.

A confirmation pop-up will appear upon upload completion. 

Users will now be able to select these samples for a run in the Laboratory Workflow Engine.

In the case that the data uploaded does not match the specification provided to the user in the read me file, a pop-up window will show the error(s).

Click on Download Receipt on the pop-up window to download a receipt of success or error for records.

Uploaded data for each sample is transformed into a JSON file and is displayed in the Sample Metadata files table.

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