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SC2 AMD Site Map Video Transcript:

In this video we will review:
•    Features of the LIMS Lite Launchpad
•    The LIMS Lite Navigation Panel
•    How to Submit a Help Desk Ticket

The LIMS Lite Launchpad provides users with an overview of the laboratory’s productivity.

Users can access the LIMS Lite Launchpad by clicking on the Home button in the top left of the screen.

This button is accessible throughout the application except for within a workflow run.

To better support users at different levels of comfortability with the LIMS Lite application, links to the following user guides have been made available from directly within the application.

The Administrative Functionality link supports administrative users to set up quality control standards, log new reagents/media to the inventory, configure wet-lab workflow reagent mixes/lists and export audit records.

The Wet Lab Functionality link supports all users to start and complete a wet-lab workflow run within the application and ensures pre-defined quality control standards.

The Dry Lab Functionality link supports all users to start and complete a dry-lab workflow run within the application and ensures pre-defined quality control standards.

The Partner Collaboration Engine Functionality link provides background information for the three current components of the collaboration engine- the Metadata Manager, the Data Sharing Network, and the Partner Communication Portal.

The Today’s Workload widget represents the laboratory’s workload as tracked in the LIMS Lite platform and updates each time the user navigates to the Launchpad.

The Test Order Status Board widget represents the total test orders tracked in the LIMS Lite platform. 

The Productivity Benchmark widget represents the mean time elapsed per run tracked in the LIMS Lite platform. 

The Year-to-Date Total widget shows the total sample and runs tracked in the LIMS Lite platform annually. 

Let's move on to the Navigation Panel.

Sample Management allows laboratory users to accession samples that are included in the wet-lab workflow and bio-informatics analysis.

Select New Workflow Run to begin a new run using accessioned samples.

Existing Workflow Runs can be clicked to access runs that are in progress or completed.

Under Workflow Configuration users can configure mixes, reagent lists, instruction sets and workflow step component association.

View Existing Pipeline runs under the Bioinformatics Analysis tab.

Click Results to view reports produced by the pipeline analysis.

Lab Assets can be selected to navigate to pages to enter and view laboratory assets such as instruments and reagents.

Under Audit Hub, lab administrators can view auditable data collated across the wet lab process, as well as enable/disable components that can be audited.

Quality Control can be accessed to view and edit quality checks that are enabled for the workflow.

Under the Collaboration Engine tab, users are able to view and download all available results files from the pipeline analysis, as well as view all sent and received partner collaboration engine data exchanges.  

Under System Settings, administrative users may record site name, computing environment information, and sample management date format.

Under the Site Settings subcategory, users can select the components (Workflow Engine, Bioinformatics Analysis and Partner Collaboration) of LIMS Lite to utilize. 

Templates for the initial lab assets upload can be downloaded from this page.

Site Settings is also where users will upload initial component lots and instrument information for lab assets used in the workflow runs. 

Under this tab is also Software Information, such as module version numbers and author information.

Module version information can also be accessed by clicking on the computer icon.

The remaining features on the navigation panel are not utilized in the COVIDSeq module.

Users may submit feedback or enter support requests using the Submit Help Desk Ticket button. 

The user guide may be downloaded as pdf by clicking the User Guide button.

To log out of your LIMS Lite user account, click on the icon at the top right of the screen and select ‘Logout’.

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