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Site Settings Configuration
Video Transcript


SC2 AMD Site Settings Transcript:

In this video we will review:
•    Configuring Site Name and Environments
•    Selecting Date Format for file uploads
•    Initial Component and Instrument Uploads

New Updates: LIMS Lite is a software platform under active development. There may be small differences between the software as displayed in the video and the live version. Primary functionality of features covered in this video are current. For any additional questions on the differences, please reach out directly to the LIMS Lite team.

Administrative users can configure and record settings in LIMS Lite’s Site Settings tab. 

This information may be displayed throughout the application.

Navigate to Site Settings by first clicking the ‘System Settings’ tab on the left side panel and then on ‘Site Settings.’

You may change the site name on this page. 

Enter the new name in the Site Name field and click the ‘Save’ button.

Refresh the page and see the Site Name has updated at the top of the screen.

Record the LIMS Lite Application Computing Environment, either the cloud environment or hardware ID.

There are two date formats that are acceptable to upload data to LIMS Lite.

Select your preferred format.

Click ‘Save’ to save your changes, or click ‘Undo Changes’ to discard the changes you made.

On this page is also a section to upload initial component lots and instruments. 

LIMS Lite records lot numbers and instrument IDs added here and associated with each workflow for quality control and auditing purposes.

First, click “Download Templates” to download the zip file containing templates to upload into the system.

Unzip the downloaded file and fill out each template.

The reagents and commercial kits templates will already have components expected to be installed for the workflow configuration already pre-populated.

Add a lot number and expiration date for each of the pre-populated reagents or kits.

For Instruments, fill out a list of all instruments the lab team would use on a regular basis, and ensure that each instrument has a unique ID.

Click ‘Choose File’ next to each file category and select the file to upload.

Click Upload Completed Files.

A confirmation pop-up will display.


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