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LRN AMD Workflow Video Transcript:

Once components are entered into the LIMS Lite platform, they can be configured to the laboratory workflow.

To navigate to the component sets, users may click on the Workflow Configuration tab and Component Configurator.

There are three component set types that can be built and added to the Workflow Step screens: Reagent Mixes, Reagent Lists, Instruction Sets.

Reagent Mixes are included in a workflow step whenever multiple reagents must be combined to create a mix.

The application will calculate how much of each reagent is needed by the number of samples, number of controls, and any included overages.

You can add reagent mixes to your workflow or edit existing mixes.

Reagent Lists are included in a workflow step whenever a reagent is being used.

You can add reagent lists to your workflow or edit existing lists.

The Instruction Sets component set will be included to provide a summary of steps to be followed within the workflow step, including more details around the use of a specific reagent.

Once component sets are added to LIMS Lite, they can be associated to a workflow step through Workflow Step Component Association.

For example, the Qubit Working Solution, which is a Reagent Mix component, is associated with the Fluorometric Quantification Workflow Step.

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